Inside Jason Derulo’s $3,000,000 mansion where he films all his TikTok videos

This man has a SUIT OF ARMOUR

There is one mainstream celebrity that has weirdly proven to be a lot more committed to making TikTok videos than any other, and that mainstream celebrity is Jason Derulo. By now you will have seen multiple videos of his on your FYP, collaborating with the bigtime social media try-hards like Will Smith, King Bach and the biggest wetty of them all, Gordon Ramsay. However, amidst the hashtags and stupid trends, you may have been distracted by the fact that most of these videos take place within and around a HUMONGOUS pool and palatial home.

Seriously, Jason Derulo’s house is like a castle. Don’t believe me? Well, if you feel like you haven’t got a good enough tour of the property from what he’s shown off in his TikTok videos, here’s a more in-depth tour of his seven-bedroom, three million dollar mansion.

The house features a turret at the front with crenellations

Starting off with Jason’s #bedroomcheck, you can tell that his tastes are rather “out there” in the grand scheme of house decoration. It’s not that the place is outlandishly colourful or overdecorated, it’s more that the furniture and materials that ARE used here are a bit… tacky.

@jasonderulo##bedroomcheck♬ Baguettes in the Face – Mustard

Leading out of the master bedroom is a landing with a pool table. You can see that there are tall ceilings and two chandeliers, with pieces of art on the walls that give a taste of what’s to come when we arrive at the staircase.

And here it is! The large staircase features a red carpet that snakes down the centre, with artwork of his favourite figures from music, politics and sport adorning the walls. And that suit of armour at the bottom of the stairs… is an acquired taste.

Next, we have a large cinema room which, in typical Jason Derulo fashion, features some pretty divisive red accents and a partially shaded chandelier. I’m not saying I wouldn’t want it in my house, but if I did, I wouldn’t have cinema-themed pillows saying “popcorn” and “cinema” on them.

When Jason bought the property it didn’t have a recording studio, so he did what any self-respecting musical artist would do and built his own one. The below shot was part of an advert for Coca-Cola, in case you didn’t notice from the strategic placement of the bottle.

Next, we come to the main focal point of the house and the feature that appears most often in his videos, the pool area. With plenty of space for outdoor seating and a little basketball hoop for pool games, this seems like the perfect place to have mates over for a party.

There’s even seating on the bridge section, along with a heater at the top and waterfalls going over the sides. By the looks of it, the indoor section has a bar for entertaining and the area is dotted with loungers for sunbathing.

As if you thought Jason didn’t already have enough outdoor spaces for socialising, he also has a basketball court for when he and the TikTok boys shoot some hoops.

And that’s it! A lot of space for a lot of TikToks to be made. Would you do anything differently? Probably not even worth asking, unless zebra print rugs are your thing.

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