Someone claiming to be crew on Selling Sunset is spilling tea about the cast and show

‘Davina is trying to be like Christine but can’t pull it off’

Just when you thought Selling Sunset had peaked in its levels of drama, someone claiming to be part of the crew has taken to Reddit to share even more secrets and tea about the series.

In the thread, the person explains they are a coordinator on the show, helping the high-level producers with locations and the cast. They say they are around the producers and cast members all the time, so everything in the thread is from their first hand experiences. And the tea is A LOT – they’ve dished out a fair few Selling Sunset secrets. 👀

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They begin by giving a low down on what each of the realtors are like in real life

The thread starts with people just wanting all the secrets about the Selling Sunset cast members, obviously. The thread is opened up as a question and answer, and the first person asks who their favourite and least favourite realtor is. The alleged crew member replies: “I like all of them a lot! Heather is actually the most chill and fun and always in a good mood. Davina is the most annoying, you can tell she’s always anxious. Christine’s husband is awful, but you don’t see that in the show.”

They’re asked to expand more on what Christine is like, and they add: “Christine is nice to us but so rude about other cast members.”

When asked if Chrishell is as nice as she appears, they say: “Yes she is super nice. During season one she was used to scripted soap operas so she expected certain things and she had moments. But she’s professional and always on time and always nice to the crew. She was even nicer and more chill after the divorce tbh. I think she felt pressure to protect her ex-husbands reputation.”

When asked if Mary really does get special treatment from Jason and Brett, they say: “The twins favour Mary but she’s the most serious worker and in the office all the time. And she sells houses, so.”

Later on in the thread, they add that Davina is “awkward” and “just trying to be like Christine but can’t pull it off”. They also claim Davina is “like 42” not 30, as it has been reported quite widely.

They add: “Maya makes shady jokes about everyone. I know some of the ladies (Heather) get pissed about how she gets away with those comments. She [Maya] is def closer to Christine and sides with her. She’s also friends with Davina but you don’t see that as much in the show.”

Selling Sunset, Netflix, series, cast, crew, secrets, production, filming, behind the scenes, Reddit, thread, Maya, Chrishell

Plus what their relationships with their other halves are actually like

The thread describes how Romain and Mary are “cuter in real life” and “are always affectionate but she doesn’t understand what he says half the time lol.”

It also adds that Heather’s new fiancee Tarek came by set a couple of times, and that the couple packed on the PDAs and are “SO affectionate and all over each other”. They describe them as like “two horny teenagers”.

They also say that Christine and her husband Christian are like “two peas in a pod” as they can both be mean to each other and people on set. They add that Christian is fairly “nerdy”.

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Ok, but do the realtors actually sell any homes?

We see the women selling the odd house here and there, which makes their working lives look pretty cushty. They are never really doing much on their laptops in the office and instead are just having a good old chit-chat and gossip about their personal lives. So someone on the Reddit thread asked the all important question of if they actually do sell that many houses.

“Some women sell and work more than others, I think you can tell who… tbh after the divorce Chrishell has been more focused on real estate and in the office more then ever. Christine never works,” claims the alleged crew member.

Christine Quinn

They’ve also shut down rumours the show is scripted

Someone asked the question on everyone’s lips: How much of the show is genuine and how much is scripted? The reply is: “Things for 90 per cent of the time are shot in real time. Sometimes we need to reshoot things, like if a location or a house isn’t available – or a cast member is out of town, that’s when will shoot things out of order or after the fact.

“But besides shooting some things out of order, no one is ever ‘fed’ lines. The EPs [executive producers] just tell them what topics or ‘storylines’ they want discussed in the scenes based on what’s going on IRL, and they roll cameras until the conversation runs out of steam.

“And of course everyone is human and has good or bad days and things are edited, but the cast IS exactly how they come across on the show.”

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The alleged crew member was also asked what the filming schedule is like for the show

If you’re wondering how long a typical shooting day for Selling Sunset on Netflix it is, according to this alleged crew member it’s normally pretty gruelling. They start around 8am and shoot till around 6 or 7pm. This is usually two or three big scenes a day, two if it’s something particularly big like a party or event.

Brett and Jason have parted ways?!

Selling Sunset, Netflix, series, cast, crew, secrets, production, filming, behind the scenes, Reddit, thread, Jason, Brett

It’s been reported that Brett Oppenheim has left the real estate firm and started his own company. His name doesn’t appear on the Oppenheim Group’s website, which now features Jason as the sole owner.

The alleged crew member goes on to say they believe their relationship was better when they worked apart.

If you’re wondering who the random people are in the background of the office, answers are finally here!!

If you’re a beady-eyed Selling Sunset viewer, you may have noticed there are sometimes other people sat around the office. They’re usually at the back or up round by Jason and Brett’s desks. They Jason and Brett’s assistants, in case you’re wondering.

Oh and btw, Davina STILL hasn’t sold the $75million listing

Selling Sunset, Netflix, series, cast, crew, secrets, production, filming, behind the scenes, Reddit, thread

Angry Adnan

The infamous $75million listing, which Davina has spent forever and a day trying to sell, is still on The Oppenheim Group website. So obviously, everyone has taken this to mean it’s still up for sale and Davina is yet to find a buyer. In case you needed any more confirmation, the alleged crew member has confirmed it hasn’t been sold.


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