All the times world politics was actually just a scene from The Thick Of It

I wish this wasn’t so accurate

You would be forgiven for sitting back, watching the news, and mistakingly thinking that it’s all one big spoof. The world’s most powerful leaders, supposedly the very best the human race has to offer, are becoming ever more alike to characters from Iannucci’s political satire The Thick Of It.

Donald Trump’s interview yesterday, during which he frantically waved around bits of paper to a bewildered reporter whilst failing to understand the relevance of deaths per percentage of the population, is just one of MANY times prominent politicians have mirrored the show.

In fact, it happened so much that we just couldn’t ignore it anymore. In the spirit of the Trump saga, we’ve gone through the best (or worst?) political moments from the last five years, with some that even Nicola Murray would be proud of.

Donald Trump’s car crash interview and Ben Swain’s grilling from Paxman

An obvious choice here, with the President himself failing to understand statistics matching up pretty perfectly with sweaty Swain’s blinking and Paxman’s bemusement.

At least Ben Swain has the decency to lose that cocky arrogance when spouting shite.

Boris Johnson’s coffee being swiped out of his hands and Stuart taking Peter’s tie

Boris Johnson’s coffee being taken here is actually more The Thick Of It than most scenes from the actual show.

The camera angle, the hushed tones, the expressions. Beautiful. Lose the tie, Peter.

Theresa May running through fields of wheat and Hugh Abbot’s treat

What. Is. Coming. Out. Your. Mouth. Can you really not think of a better way to try and convince people you’re not a robot?

At least Hugh enjoying his time on the toilet is something we can all relate to.

Nicola Murray’s ‘I am bent’ fiasco and Katie Hopkin’s C.*.N.T

Ok, Katie Hopkins is just a piece of shit and not a politician, but it’s always funny to see her ridiculed and this does match up very nicely.

Oh, how blissfully unaware they both look.

Matt Hancock’s ‘Stay at Home’ confusion and Peter Manion’s ‘Call App Britain’ calamity

Hancock’s crystal clear public speaking is on a par with that of Peter Manion’s, in the way that they both look very lost and wanting to be anywhere else than in front of a camera.

Don’t stay at home if you’re from the Isle of Wight. But even in the Isle of Wight, you should still stay home. You will profit from the app, but you won’t really.

The Transport Secretary being in Spain as the Spanish air bridge is cut and Peter Manion being on a slide as Mr Tekel dies

This is a situation that Iannucci himself would have been proud to think up. You can fully imagine the conversation taking place.

Malcom Tucker: “Right, cases are going up again in Spain. We’ve been criticised before for acting too late in the past, so let’s cut the air bridge ASAP. We’ll get the Transport Secretary to announce it, where is he?”

Nicola Murray: “Erm. He’s on holiday. In Spain.”

Poor Mr. Tikel.

Lord Buckethead and Elmo next to Boris Johnson and Nicola Murray next the chop

Unlike Lord Buckethead, at least a chop makes some sort of sense.

Are you for the chop, Mrs. Murray?

Tim Farron’s ‘A taste of Cumbria’ and Hugh Abbot’s ‘Christ alive’

The ex-Lib Dem leader took a leaf out of Hugh Abbot’s email skillset when he didn’t realise the email subject would be shortened to something quite far detached from what he meant.

Oh well, at least he didn’t blame it on Terri.

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