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Bikini Braggers: The Sun’s new league is shaming women for posting lots of bikini pics

So what if Zara McDermott has shared 60 pics?

It’s officially summer, which means only one thing, your Instagram is about to be flooded with bikinis pictures. Celebs and your mates are all sharing their fit bikini pics. Whether they’ve been making an airbridge holiday trip or are just sunning themselves in the garden, a lot of girls are posting the pics of themselves that make them feel great.

And yet The Sun has made it’s own league of the female celebrities who post the most bikini pictures on their Instagram. It features 10 celebrities alongside a big bold number of how many bikini photos they’ve shared in the last seven months. The piece featuring the league shares details about the celebs and where they take most of their insanely hot bikini shots.

From calling them the “worst offenders”  to “bikini braggers”, for some reason The Sun is criticising Zara McDermott for posting 60 bikini selfies this year. Literally who cares how many bikini pictures she’s posted? If you’re reading this Zara, if anything – we want more.

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Their league of “bikini braggers” includes Love Islanders Arabella Chi, Gabby Allen and Olivia Attwood all of whom have posted between 29 and 40 bikini pictures in the last seven months.

And why the hell shouldn’t they? It’s their body. I don’t see the league of how many shirtless selfies male celebrities are posting.

Also on the list is Kylie Jenner who has posted 45 bikini shots throughout the year. Emily Ratajkowski also features on the list with 40 posts, no doubt a lot of them are for her swimwear line Inamorata.

Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne is low on the list – she’s only posted 29 bikini looks since January. In 2020 with a global pandemic still going on the last thing we need is shaming women for posting pictures of their own bodies.

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