Rebekah Vardy claims Coleen Rooney sold stories to the papers herself

She said she’s using her as a ‘scapegoat’

Rebekah Vardy has accused Coleen Rooney of selling stories to the press herself in latest court papers.

Court papers claim Coleen had previously allowed her friends to share gossip about her life and used Rebekah as the scapegoat for the stories.

The papers said Rebekah: “has deliberately been made a scape goat (sic) by the Defendant (Coleen) for past ‘leaked’ stories that have been published about the Defendant and her husband, in particular about their marriage, which have in fact come from the Defendant’s friends, at times even with the Defendant’s approval.”

The court papers also claimed Coleen’s initial post “exposing” Rebekah leaking the stories about her to the press left Rebekah feeling suicidal and experiencing panic attacks.

They said: “The abuse that followed the Post made the Claimant feel suicidal. She suffered from severe panic attacks and anxiety which manifested in being scared to leave her house.”

Coleen and Rebekah are currently in a £1million lawsuit over the scandal that happened last October. The two had tried to resolve the issue over a video chat, however it didn’t work out and Rebekah filed legal papers against Coleen.

Rebekah claimed Coleen “libelled or slandered” her with the Wagatha Christie post.

The court papers also include comments The Sun journalist, Dan Wotton, had made regarding the scandal. Appearing on talkRADIO days after the initial Wagatha Christie post, Dan said no stories came from Rebekah and he had written many stories about Coleen that came from her friends, often with her approval.

The court papers say Coleen: “‘manipulated the media to tell stories about her own life’, adding that he had ‘written many, many stories’ about her marriage and ‘lots of other things around the Rooneys’ that had come directly from friends of Coleen including some told ‘with her (Coleen’s) approval’. He went on to say on talkRADIO that nothing had ever come from ‘any of the Vardys’.”

Rebekah launched the lawsuit against Coleen as a way to clear her name and redeem her reputation.

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