Kerry Mucklowe from This Country is appearing on Celebrity Gogglebox tonight


If you’ve been relatively unimpressed by the lineup for Celebrity Gogglebox thus far then prepare to have your socks BLOWN off because Daisy May Cooper and her dad Paul have been announced as the latest additions to the Celebrity Gogglebox lineup.

According to Metro, the first two shows that the stars of This Country will be reacting to are Celebrity Masterchef and Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back, both cooking shows that will provide peak comedy for sure.

We haven’t had a great selection this year, with most of the celebs being genuinely quite irritating to watch for many people – Denise and her hubby that just bicker about everything, KSI providing commentary that seldom has any wit or intelligence and the Kemp family who are just… nah.

Also, if the addition of Daisy May Cooper and her dad wasn’t enough to save this series, we’re also being treated to two new arrivals in the form of Anita Rani (star of Four Rooms and Countryfile) and her dad:

You can watch Celebrity Gogglebox on Channel 4 tonight at nine.

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