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Quiz: Which character from season two of The Politician are you?

We’re all a little bit Hadassah

What a gift The Politician on Netflix is. You sit and watch it and by the end of it you have aspirations of running the country and really making a difference in life. And tbh, the show makes it look like you really would stand a chance. But before we get to whether or not you could run a country, you need to take this quiz and find out which character from The Politician you really are.

Are you ambitious and want nothing like success like Payton? Are you empowered and doing your bit to make a difference in the world like Infinity? Are you a bit of a hot head who gets stressed all the time like James? Or are you sharp yet wild like Hadassah? God, the world needs more people who are like Hadassah.

Take this quiz to find out which character from season two of The Politician you are:

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