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Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Netflix series you belong in

All I want is to be in Sex Education, please

Do you ever sit and watch a Netflix drama and dream of being on the show  hanging out with the cast? Or watch a more nitty crime series and think you could solve it a whole lot quicker than the people whose job it is to? Of course you do, everyone does. Well this quiz is about to definitively tell you which Netflix series you actually do belong in.

Should you star in Sex Education as the fun sidekick Eric has always deserved? Or are you more suited to give Payton a run for his money going for President in The Politician? Could you join the Stranger Things gang and fit right in? Or are you the third amigo Jen and Judy from Dead To Me need to complete their look?

Find out below which Netflix series is simply dying for you to star in it. And if you get You, I’m worried for you.

Take the quiz below to see which Netflix series you belong in:

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