These are officially the best uni halls in the country

Ngl these make your single bed look terrible

Halls are usually remembered more for the memories than the quality of the buildings. Frankly, a nice halls is a bit of an oxymoron. And yet, up and down the country, there are a few absolute gems that put your silverfish-ridden box room to shame

Student site Student Hut has compiled a list of the 10 best uni halls in the country, based on reviews from people who actually live there.

Here they are, in all their – and it pains me to say this – glory.

10. Carr-Saunders – LSE

Okay, look, if you’re brave enough to go to uni in London, we salute you.

Things that would be a massive downside anywhere else become a massive bonus here. “Small and slightly grotty” becomes “sociable and remotely affordable”.

And that’s Carr-Saunders – inhabited by eternal optimists.

9. Crown Place – Liverpool

Crown is considered a bit snobby by Liverpool students. It’s the halls impressionable sixth formers get shown on open days – a Potemkin village that people have somehow ended up living in all year round.

Close to town and modern inside, it’s the kind of halls you probably make an extra effort to make a friend in.

8. Bay Campus – Swansea

It’s a bit cheeky listing a whole campus on a list of the best halls, but we’ll let Swansea get away with it. Weirdly, every promotional picture of these halls is taken in the sun, and so presumably on the one sunny day in the past five years.

Google Maps, however, tells the truth.

Despite this, the Bay Campus is beloved by its residents for one main reason: the beach. Yes, the halls are nice and modern. But you’re on the beach as a fresher.

7. Liberty Point – Southampton

A private halls sneaking its way onto this list of official uni halls? Well, it might be expensive, but you don’t have to live in Portswood. It’s pretty much in town which is great if you’re really really really into West Quay.

However, reviewers say it comes with a free bus pass and the use of a gym.

The only cons are that you’re essentially living on a roundabout. In Southampton.

6. Rootes – Warwick

Famous for its near-constant fire alarms, Warwick’s Rootes halls boasts 23-person flats, if you’re brave.

It’s only a couple of minutes’ walk from the uni, although despite its apparently glowing official reviews, some might question its high spot on this list.

5. Ranmoor/Endcliffe – Sheffield

Ignoring the very sore point that these are two separate halls, they’re apparently beloved. Endcliffe, with its massive trek to uni and constant loud music, is the exact kind of halls you grow to love despite your best instincts.

In fact, such a trek that some reviewers dub it “rural”. Although we will admit the trees are nice.

4. Vale Village – Birmingham

Although one reviewer says “I lived on the tennis courts, the vale for a year and it was such a sociable place to spend first year,” we assume there’s some indoor accommodation on offer for the Vale to warrant such a high place on this list.

With 3,500 students across eight halls, the Vale consists of basically all of Birmingham’s decent halls. It’s like a nice final treat before freshers are sent to fend for themselves in Selly Oak.

If it was good enough for Bran Stark, it’s good enough for you.

3. Lafrowda – Exeter

A halls would have to be pretty good to compensate for the fact you’re at Exeter Uni. Lafrowda, apparently, is that halls.

“Really good location close to town and main campus where lectures are. People are all social and up for a night out. Rooms decent size,” says one reviewer, which sums up pretty much everything you’d want from a halls.

Look at that picture, and you’re seeing exactly what a million Ocado delivery drivers have seen.

Proving there is some banter allowed within Exeter city limits, some freshers even made a water slide in their Lafrowda corridor.

2. Peel Park Quarter – Salford

No two ways about this: the halls look fairly nice, and you’re pretty close to Manchester. Tick those two boxes, and you’ll probably satisfy most students.

Described as “safe and student friendly” by residents, there’s something intangible about Salford’s Peel Park Quarter which has propelled it to the top of the list.

I mean look at it. It’s like living inside a prospectus.

1. Falkner Eggleton – Loughborough

Known as Falk Egg, this Loughborough halls is the best in the country, apparently. And if this promo shot from the uni – featuring a man too busy BBQing to notice the mascot from World Cup 98 kidnapping some freshers – is anything to go by, that seems fair.

Although it was seemingly designed by an architect whose CAD package was swapped with Minecraft for a joke, the students living in Falk Egg are apparently happy.

Student Hut reviewers say: “The atmosphere and social life in falk egg is unique” and “Unbelievable fun, constant opportunities, best time of my life.”

We’re sold.

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