Design a uni bedroom and we’ll tell you which uni you should have gone to

Fairy lights? Obviously off to Exeter

Uni bedrooms say a lot about your personality. It’s your first proper chance to decorate and design a room specifically to your taste. The choices are endless. Lava lamp or candles for lighting? Florals, grey or an astrology pattern for your bedspread? A rug, a set of weights or last night’s dinner plate as the floor accessories? These decisions reveal a lot about your personality.

Your bedroom vibes also indicate which uni you should actually have gone to. Every uni has a specific look and never is this demonstrated more than in your bedroom. You may think you’re Manchester material but picking a cheese plant and arty posters actually means you should have gone to Edinburgh.

Take this quiz, design your dream uni bedroom and we’ll tell you where you actually should have gone to uni:

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