This guy’s house viewing video sums up how we all feel about crap landlords

There’s mould, rats and everything is broken 🙂 !

Landlords are truly awful sometimes aren’t they? And at some point in your life you’ll probably have lived in a grimy, mouldy, animal-infested house where you feel more dirty than clean when you step out the shower.

This guy is living that right now. And with house viewings a thing of the past at the moment, his landlord asked him to make a virtual viewing video for new tenants and his response was probably a little too honest.

The video was shared on Twitter by actor Sandy Batchelor, who says their landlord had requested they made a video for a virtual viewing of their flat. His tweet said: “Our letting agent asked us to make a video of the flat we are basically being forced out of. I wish them the very best of luck.” The clips has had 7million views, 80k retweets and 355k likes – yep, we feel you Sandy.

He basically moves through the flat, pointing out things that have broken, various problems, rodent infestations, things the landlord refused to help with and all the nice furniture which is theirs anyway so won’t be there when someone moves in. He lists everything, which is only too relatable if you’ve lived in a grimy house with a useless landlord at some point in your life.

He begins by saying: “Welcome to the virtual viewing of our flat” as he stands in the lounge. He says all the lovely furniture won’t be there when any future tenants move in as it belongs to them and shows the bins outside which smell “lovely in the summer when it’s hot”. He then points out an ant bait station, the broken fireplace and wonky shelves before flashing a sign which simply reads: “DON’T RENT THIS FLAT!”.

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Sandy then moves on to the kitchen and surprise surprise! Most of it doesn’t work. The oven is rubbish, the dryer doesn’t dry and the door handle is broken. He explains that when the door broke, the guy who came to fix it just pulled the handle out – perfect.

Now it’s on to the bathroom, where there’s a sign on the mirror which says “YOU’LL HATE IT HERE”. He says when they moved in the extractor fan wasn’t working, and the landlord demanded a video of said fan, not working, as proof.

house, viewing, virtual, video, viral, Twitter, clip, meme, reaction, landlord, flat

Then onto the garden, where there is apparently a ghost – wonderful. He describes it as a “hell hole” before pointing out the plants are theirs so will be gone when anyone new moves in. And there’s a rat box!! Great!!

We’re then back inside to see the damp problem in the bedroom. He says the landlord told them to keep the flat “well ventilated” when the issue was raised in January. Why do all landlords say this?? Do you want us all to FREEZE??

house, viewing, virtual, video, viral, Twitter, clip, meme, reaction, landlord

The video ends with Sandy in underwear, showing us the lovely wardrobe, also coming with them.


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