Social DISS-tancing: Presenting the best dissertation pics from the class of 2020

Give these guys a distinction in Photoshopping

Dissertations are hard work. Sleepless nights, anxious rewrites and endless unread emails to your diss supervisor. It’s hard going, but what makes it all worth it is that diss pic, outside your favourite uni building to show the world, yes I actually did some work at university.

The graduate class of 2020 have had a lot of things taken away from them: their final lectures, end of year balls, their graduation ceremony, but one thing we have refused to be taken away is that dissertation picture.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced students to get even more creative with their diss pics than any year before: Photoshop, memes and recreations you name it – they’ve done it.

Some of us became photoshop geniuses

Some of us missed our mates so much we photoshopped us all back together

Some of us were so extra we created an Insta filter to get a diss pic outside the library

Some of us were lucky enough to take our diss pic with our pets

Some of us got created and recreated our uni with household objects

Some of us were just so done with our dissertation that it was best to throw it away

Some of us were so prepared we remembered to get the photo before lockdown

Some of us just really needed a lie-down

And in case you were wondering which one was the best it’s this one

Coronavirus has taken a lot away from 2020 graduates but at least it has proven we can still be creative.

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