Netflix has made an official Dead To Me drinking game, so grab your orange wine

Take a sip each time Judy says sorry

It’s time to crack open the orange wine, invite Karen over and watch TV by the pool because Netflix has created an actual Dead To Me drinking game.

We all know Jen loves a bottle or seven, so now you can drink with her as you watch the show. The game includes taking a sip every time Jen says fuck or Judy says sorry – so you’re bound to be absolutely smashed within one episode.

Here’s the official Dead To Me drinking game:

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Even though you can’t have your friends over at the moment, there’s nothing stopping you enjoying the game with your household, over Zoom or with a Netflix Party. Netflix Party allows you to watch shows simultaneously with your friends who aren’t with you and creates a chat room on your screen – perfect for if you want to get everyone involved in a Dead To Me drinking game.

With the game you have to take one sip every time Jen says fuck more than once in a sentence, Judy says sorry, a puppy comes on the screen, Dad bird appears and when there’s a dramatic flashback moment. You have to drink two sips whenever someone in the show drinks (damn you, Jen), when you gasp, jump or scream, when a cop starts working anything out, and of course you need to be drinking if you’re singing along to the Holy Harmonies. You down your entire drink for every plot twist and when poor Karen sticks her foot in it.

Crack open the orange wine and let’s get started. Be cool, Karen.

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