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Quiz: Are you more Jen or Judy from Netflix’s Dead To Me?

You want to be Jen but you’re probably Judy

In life, there are Jens and there are Judys. And we all know people who are big Jen energy and are big Judy energy. But have you ever wondered which of the two you are most like? This Dead To Me quiz is about to tell you.

Some of us deal with bad situations well, whilst some of us do nothing but create them. Some of us are cut-throat and savage like Jen, whilst others of us apologise our way through life and cry a lot – not too dissimilarly to Judy. That’s just life.

But what would you do if you were in some of the situations Jen and Judy from Dead To Me get themselves into? How would you deal with a dead body? What would you do if your husband was cheating on you? Do you enjoy hanging out with Karen and drinking orange wine? Or would you much rather chill out and do some painting, letting the world pass you by?

Take this Dead To Me quiz to see if you’re more emotionally aligned with Jen or Judy:

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