Someone has made an official Tiger King drinking game for you and your mates

Two birds with one stone

There are very few things that could make Tiger King more enjoyable, but someone seems to have found the missing piece. During a time where we have to try and get the most from smaller enjoyments of life comes a drinking game that seeks to get you as drunk as possible, as quick as possible.

Welcome to the Tiger King drinking game. It’s been doing the rounds on Facebook because, with certain key phrases and common occurrences in the series, you’ll definitely end up on the floor. If these rules are anything to go by, people best be fearful for how they’re going to be feeling the next morning:

It goes as follows:

Take a single drink every time:

  • Someone says Carole Baskin’s full name, you have to follow your shot with “that bitch”
  • Someone is shirtless on screen
  • Someone fires their weapon or points it at the camera
  • They show that bitch Carol on her wicked witch of the west bike
  • Whenever Joe curses

Take two drinks every time:

  • Someone is attacked by the cats
  • Anytime a Joe Exotic song is played

And that’s it! You can clearly see from one quick browse of this list that you need to be picking your drink wisely – choose anything stronger than sourz and you’ll be on the floor. The three most vomit-inducing rules have to be taking a drink when you hear Carole Baskin’s name, whenever someone is shirtless on-screen (John Finlay is going to end your life) or when Joe curses. But don’t just take it from us:

And you best believe people haven’t stopped at this version. Oh no, there’s far too much quotability from this show for there to possibly be one set of rules. There’s this one, which even splits it up into amounts of sips:

So, give it a go and let us know how you get on. Can’t imagine it’s going to be easy.

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