Pubs could ration pints to two or three per person after lockdown, advisor suggests

This is not the news we wanted

An academic has proposed pubs could be reopened if landlords limited people to two to three pints as a way to maintain social distancing measures.

Lancaster University professor Eyal Winter said if pubs could stagger the amount of people going in this could help with social distancing as a way to make sure they’re not at maximum capacity.

Professor Eyal said the government is worried people will be acting inappropriately after lockdown is over and will immediately head to the pub. He said pubs are an important part of our culture and I couldn’t agree more.

He said: “People are starving for pubs. They are an important part of British culture.”

pints rationed

Professor Eyal Winter also said the UK government should be following Germany’s approach in being very clear in the dates of when we expect to be out of lockdown.

He also suggested cinemas and theatres could open if they only sold half the seats as a way to maintain social distancing. He suggests the tickets should then be sold at a higher price.

Another government advisor Professor Robert Dingwall said beer gardens should be allowed to reopen.

He said: “If it is a sunny weekend afternoon and the pub has a garden and the landlords are prepared to accept responsibility for not overcrowding that garden, I see no particular reason why it should not reopen.”

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