Proposed lockdown rules would allow you to see up to 10 friends

You’re about to find out who your real ones are

Ministers are allegedly considering allowing the public to see 10 friends and family as a way to relax the current stay at home policy.

According to the Mail Online, people would have to write a list of those they want to see and it’s basically like being back in year six when you weren’t chosen to be part of a person’s top three best friends. Absolutely heart breaking times.

The rules would allow people to meet up with their select few for meals and other social occasions. It would mean you could meet up with your partner if you don’t live with them and people who live alone will be able to socialise. However the list could only be drawn from one to two households and you would not be allowed to socialise outside of your cluster.

These alleged lockdown rules come after Belgium and Scotland are said to be looking into the idea. Nicola Sturgeon has discussed the idea of a bubble scheme, allowing people to socialise with their selected group, but no such plans have been confirmed.

If it happens, this is going to be actual carnage and end a lot of friendships. What if you put someone as number three on your list, and they haven’t even considered you as part of their top 10? Savage.

Some people are making a very fair comment that it is going to be a struggle to even find 10 people they want to hang out with, and honestly I felt that. Or for those that are super popular it’s going to be a very struggling time to decide who is going to make the cut.

The reactions all round are pretty jokes, here a few of the best:

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