Take this quiz to see if you should break up with your partner due to lockdown

Be honest, you’ve definitely thought about it

Lockdown is going to be make or break for a lot of relationships. Being stuck in the same four walls, with the only chance to get away from each other, being the one daily form of exercise, is 100 per cent going to cause some friction. It’s only natural to fight and have arguments over the pettiest of things. But the question is, how much are they annoying you and is it worth breaking up with them?

For some people lockdown is actually going to be great for their relationship. These are the ones who will be having sex everyday, making banana bread together and holding hands on the pavement, forcing the rest of us to walk in the road to get the two metre distance. These relationships stand no chance of breaking up during lockdown.

But about the rest of us? Is it just the little things that are getting you down or are you close to pulling the plug on your whole relationship? And if you did want to break up with them, don’t stress about not being able to move out. As part of lockdown guidelines you’re allowed to move in with a friend following an argument (or a breakup).

If you’re still undecided about your relationship status and if their constant untidiness is a deal breaker or something you’ll be able to get over, then we’ve devised a quiz to see if lockdown should make you break up with your partner.

Take this quiz to see if you should break up with your partner due to lockdown:

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