Police have announced new lockdown rules

Buying booze counts as a ‘reasonable excuse’ to leave the house

The National Police Chief’s Council and College of Policing have released new guidelines about what we can and can’t do during lockdown. The new rules state what counts as a “reasonable excuse” to leave your house, and buying booze is still a legit reason to go out, thank god.

The new guidelines feature a lot of information about when you can sit on a bench, decorating rules and the reason you’d be able to move in with a friend.

These are all the new police guidelines on what you can and can’t do during lockdown:

This is what you’re allowed to do according to the new police lockdown rules:

– Buying several day’s worth of food, including luxury items and alcohol.

– Buying a small amount of a staple food item like bread or milk.

– Collecting surplus basic food items from a friend or family member.

– Buying tools to fix a broken fence because of bad weather.

– Driving to exercise – but only when the exercise is longer than the driving.

– Stopping to rest or eat during a long walk, in which case you can sit on a bench.

– Taking an animal for treatment.

– Moving to a friend’s home for several days to allow “a cooling off” period following any arguments at home.

This is what you’re not allowed to do according to the new police lockdown rules:

– Buying paint and brushes, for purely decoration purposes.

– Driving for a long period with only a short amount of exercise.

– Working in a park when you could work from home.

– A short walk to a park bench, where you remain seated for an extended period of time.

– Knocking on doors to offer cash-in-hand work.

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