Stop clapping: You can now say thanks to NHS staff by sending nudes

How is this real???

Whether it’s boats doing doughnuts, clapping once a week, or an old dude walking around his garden, this gosh-darned country has surely, surely, now appropriated every single weird gesture as a way of Showing Thanks To Our NHS. Surely.

Ok, no, because apparently now you can now send your nudes to be viewed free by NHS staff.

I feel gross even telling you this but: A DJ, obviously, is launching a scheme for the public to send nudes for the enjoyment of our brave NHS staff.

As far as we can tell, this is not a joke.

In a way, this has read the mood of the nation perfectly. Only two emotions now exist: unbearable lockdown horniness and overwhelming NHS gratitude. How better can we combine the two?

Members of the public submit nudes for NHS workers, who can sign up to a free Onlyfans account to claim their thanks.

If you don’t want to send nudes, you can still support the NHS by being involved in this whole seedy situation – your subscription of £9.99 to access the nudes will be donated to NHS charities.

They’ve even created some artwork for the whole endeavour.

Alex, the Nudes For Heroes creator, says: “Nudes for Heroes aims to bring a bit of fun and light to those who most need it in these times of turmoil. Everyone above the age of 18 is invited to submit nudes, we do not discriminate against age, colour, gender, disability or body shape.

“We’re looking for a range of nudes; arty nudes that can be classy, artistic, tongue in cheek or something to make our key workers day a little bit brighter. We want to celebrate diversity and empower people of all appropriate age to share nudes. You are welcome to hide your face to protect your identity.”

The scheme, where you submit nudes to a form on their website, also insists: “Nudes for Heroes take privacy very seriously, we will not share any information with any third parties and all personal information is encrypted.”

Guys, none of this would happen if we funded our NHS properly.

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