The Occupant is the ‘insane’ Netflix film which gives us a new Joe Goldberg

This is EXACTLY what we all need

Admit it, we all miss Joe Goldberg. He was psychotic and crazy but You on Netflix was our safe haven and miss it dearly. The You shaped hole in our hearts can now finally be filled, as Netflix has just released The Occupant – and the reviews are saying it’s what we all need.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new psychological thriller, and what people have been saying about it.

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The Occupant is about a guy who stalks the people who move into his old apartment

Enter the new Joe Goldberg: This time not a creepy bookstore worker but an obsessive advertising executive called Javier Munoz. Javier was once successful in his job, but it all starts to crumble around him. He is then forced to sell his family’s apartment when he can no longer afford it. He realises he still has a set of keys and and decides to stalk the new residents. He becomes obsessed with getting what he still sees as “his” home back and getting his old life back too.

His motives deepen and the harrowing and chilling thriller takes a lot of twists and turns as we follow Javier’s creepy quest. The Netflix synopsis for the film says: “An unemployed advertising executive begins stalking the new tenants of his former home and his motives toward the family turn sinister.” Long story short, things get very, very extreme.

The Occupant is a one hour and 43 minute long film and is listed on Netflix as “suspenseful” and a “thriller crime film”.

The Occupant, Netflix, reviews, response, Twitter, film, You, Twitter, about, plot, synopsis, trailer

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The reviews of The Occupant say it’s ‘insane’, ‘dark’ and they recommend it highly

HeavenOfHorror has reviewed the new show and call it “dark” and “creepy”. The review “definitely recommends” the film and says it will “satisfy a lot of viewers”.

Twitter has a lot to say about the film too. Some of the reviews of The Occupant call it “crazy”, “insane” and “20/20”. They also describe it as having a huge plot twist at the end. 👀

Watch the trailer for The Occupant on Netflix here:

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