Netflix’s new drama ‘Freud’ looks freaky, twisted and full of paranormal activity

Freud is now solving crimes

Netflix have dropped a new thriller Freud today and it’s the furthest thing away from your psychology lessons. The drama looks incredibly messed up, twisted, full of paranormal activity and features a lot of sex.

The show features a young Freud teaming up with a psychic and a police officer to solve a series of bloody mysteries. And I’ve never watched such a bonkers trailer that’s both horrified and intrigued me, so naturally the show has gone straight to the top of my list.

What is Netflix’s Freud about?

The eight part drama focuses on a young Freud who is still relatively unknown and working on his theories. And that’s where the historical accuracies stop.

Based in Vienna in the 19th century Freud joins forces with a medium and a police officer to solve a number of mysteries. But Sherlock Holmes this show is not.

The atmosphere changes when we met a psychic who is so powerful she can control people to do her bidding, Freud becomes involved in a Austro-Hungarian political conspiracy and there’s a lot of paranormal activity involving satanic blood rituals and evil demons.

Sounds so messed up and I can’t wait.

The cast of Freud

Playing the young Freud is Robert Finster and a lot of people on Twitter are appreciating how fit he is and admitting how weird it is that they fancy Freud.

Also in the series is Ella Rumpf, Georg Friedrich and Christoph Krutzler.

Reviews of Freud are calling it “bonkers” and “a saga of suspense and intrigue”

The Daily Beast’s review of Freud says the show is “nothing like a traditional biopic” and compares it to The Alienist. The review also says the series features a lot of “flesh-eating opera singers, severed toes, pagan symbols, Egyptian mummies and duels to the death”. So obviously nothing to do with the Oedipus complex. They’ve also referred to the depiction of Freud as a man who is a “horny, coked-out demon hunter.”

Watch the seriously distributing trailer for Netflix’s Freud here:

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