Exercising in isolation: All the fitness influencers doing free work out vids

You can still get the gains during quarantine

Were you becoming a gym bunny just as coronavirus hit the nation? And are you now suddenly devastated that you can’t do leg day as going to the gym is potentially going to spread coronavirus? Well you can still workout from isolation. So have piece of mind you can get the gains and not infect anyone.

If you’re not self-isolating, you can still go for a run or a walk, as the government guidelines say going outside is ok but you must be two-feet away from others. However if running isn’t your thing, a number of fitness influencers and personal trainers are doing live work out classes.

There’s bodyweight HIIT workouts and yoga classes and even if they’re not doing live classes, plenty of fitness coaches have a back catalogue of YouTube videos for you to workout to.

Exercise is really important for looking after your mental health during this isolation period. Gerard Barnes, the CEO of mental health treatment specialists, Smart TMS, suggests exercising for three hours a week can help fight the symptoms of mental illness.

Here are the best at home live workouts:

Laura Biceps

Laura is a PT at Foundry Fit. Today she did a 35 minute live body weight workout at 7am on Instagram and tomorrow will be doing two live stream work outs. One at 7am, which is a lift and sweat class and at 8am there will be a bodyweight class.

Hopefully this means she’ll be doing the classes regularly, because I would love to get some biceps like hers whilst in isolation.

The live workout has been uploaded to her Instagram after, so you can re-watch and workout whenever you wish. Her Instagram also features a series of other at home workouts. Find Laura’s Instagram here.

via Instagram @laurabiceps

London Fitness Guy

The London Fitness Guy is a fitness influencer who is doing live Instagram workouts during the isolation period. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm he will be doing live 15 minute Instagram workouts.

He recommends doing them twice if you want to get a 30 minute workout in. The only equipment you need is yourself and a mat or towel.

Find London’s Fitness Guy’s Instagram here.

Shona Vertue

Shona is a yoga teacher and PT and has honestly blessed us all with a full week schedule of live workouts. Taking place on her YouTube channel, the live workouts will include body weight work outs and yoga classes.

The classes will be live at 7am and the videos will remain on her YouTube channel afterwards. The classes start on Thursday 19th March.

via Instagram @shona_vertue

You can find Shona’s Instagram here and her YouTube channel here.


P.volve is a fitness program that is offering live Instagram workouts everyday during the coronavirus pandemic. The classes will be stretch, sweat and burn focused.

The classes are filmed in the US so the times probably won’t match up with your schedule but they’ll all be available on their YouTube channel afterwards. At 12pm there will be a wakeup stretch class. At 5pm there will be a sweat and burn class and at 10pm the class is focused on lengthening and toning.

Find P.volve’s Instagram here and their YouTube channel here.

Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp is an incredible HIIT workout that usually costs a lot to attend a class, but now they’ve closed the gyms and are doing classes live. This is honestly the only upside of coronavirus.

Today they did two live bodyweight classes on their Instagram and have said they will be doing more in the next few days. Find their Instagram here.

These are all the home workouts via YouTube or IGTV which aren’t live but still just as great:

Yoga with Adrienne

If you’re missing your weekly yoga sesh, Yoga with Adrienne is a great YouTube channel to use to fulfil all your stretching needs.

Her channel has a load of videos, all split into times so you can decide if you want to do just 10 minutes or a full hour. Her videos are really easy to follow and you can do them if you’re a complete yoga newbie.

Adrienne has a video for literally every mood and problem you could have, including yoga for anxiety and loneliness.

She also has a 30 day challenge on her channel so if you feel like setting yourself a daily goal to get through isolation, you’ve got 30 videos ready to go. Find her channel here.

Joe Wicks

Everyone knows Joe Wicks. On his YouTube channel on Sunday he did a live workout which is still available, so hopefully he’ll be doing some more.

In the mean time the rest of his channel has loads of workout videos, including a seven day sweat challenge and each video is 20 minutes long. There are so many HIIT videos on his channel you probably won’t even get through them all by the time quarantine is over.

Find his YouTube channel here.

Melissa Wood Health

Melissa does a series of pilates videos on her YouTube and IGTV. They’re short and seem like they wouldn’t do much, but the burn afterwards is real.

Across her many videos you can choose to focus on abs, bum, arms or do a full body workout. The workout videos can all be done in the comfort of your own home and usually don’t require any equipment.

Find her YouTube channel here and her Instagram here.

Zanna van Dijk

Zanna is a PT and fitness influencer with a very aesthetic Instagram, that is perfect for scrolling through after you complete one of her workouts. Dotted across her feed are plenty of bodyweight workouts.

From full body HIIT to ab focused there’s a video for every day of your two week quarantine. Find her Instagram here.

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