There’s a TikTok you can play if you feel uncomfortable in an Uber

It could really help people out

Just when you thought that TikTok was responsible just for some of the stupidest shit to humour us currently, comes a trend that could actually help many people who feel unsafe on their own during Uber/Lyft rides.

People have started to create audio that simulates one half of a conversation, to be played by a passenger if they feel unsafe. With the usual “where are you?” and “I’m tracking you on find my friends”, it is designed to ward potentially dangerous drivers off any dangerous motives that they might have:

As you can hear, she makes it clear that she has the passenger on a tracking app, as well as mentioning that there will be a male friend waiting outside to collect the passenger. This, along with the fact that the tone used is so chilled out, makes the call totally believable.

The fact that this could potentially need to be used and made into a trend is slightly concerning, but it’s worth assuring people that apps like Uber have a number of features in place to ensure the safety of their customers, from a basic star rating for the driver to the ability to share your journey with anyone of your choosing.

This trend seems to sit in the same realm as Ask for Angela, in that it seems pretty practical on paper, but does it actually work in practice? As is the case with TikTok, it didn’t take long for people to react with parodies:

@donteatmycheeseburgerOR JUST CALL 911 ##fridaythe13th ##imaboss ##fyp ##xyzbca ##featureme ##volumeup ##corona ##virall♬ original sound – donteatmycheeseburger

Speaking to Emma, a student that has successfully used the Ask Angela scheme in the past, she said that she could understand the value in using this audio:

“As someone that has called friends or even pretended to be on the phone, I understand how this could be a good option if you’re not able to call a friend or worried that they will trivialise what you’re going through.

“In the past, I’ve gone as far as to walk into someone’s side gate pretending it’s my property, and often I’ll hold my house keys in between my fingers in case I need to defend myself. As a young woman, often you feel as if you have to do these things in order to stay protected. It’s an accepted reality for women, a second instinct.”

Molly echoed the same sentiment, saying that “I also walked home from uni with keys in between my fingers every night, especially after going to the library at night.

“In Ubers or taxis, my friends and I often make it seem like someone is waiting for us at the other end by calling someone or discussing this between us. We even had a codeword to send to the group chat to know if there was something wrong.”

Here’s a few more examples from the thread:

There’s even a “mom version”:

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