These are the ASMR YouTubers earning millions from eating on screen

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Getting paid thousands to eat incredibly delicious food is literally the dream job. Yes ok you do have to film yourself eating for strangers on the Internet because they find it relaxing, but honestly this level of dollar is really worth it.

If you’re wondering why these YouTubers are making a lot of money, its because ASMR videos are extremely popular on YouTube. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. It’s a feeling of comfort combined with a tingling sensation felt in the scalp and the back of the neck. Some people have even described it as a “brain orgasm” and it’s meant to be relaxing and pleasurable. What triggers ASMR is different for everyone, and a lot of people find hearing the over exaggerated sound of someone eating pleasurable.

ASMR food videos are so big YouTubers with millions of subscribers can rake in the cash just from chowing down on some burgers, noodles or a live octopus. Ok, so maybe it’s not totally worth the money.

In data collected by Chewsygum, it’s been revealed some of the YouTubers creating these videos are earning millions yearly, with one of them earning nearly £1 million in under a month.

This how much the ASMR YouTubers are earning:

Zach Choi ASMR

Estimated average monthly earnings: £960,663

Total subscribers: 6.97 million

Zach Choi is one of the biggest ASMR YouTubers and he eats a tonne of pizza, noodles, cheesy foods and a lot of chicken. He never talks during his videos.

He’s originally from Baltimore but now lives in L.A. He’s 34 and used to be a model who did some fashion blogging.

HunniBee ASMR

Estimated average monthly earnings: £590,068

Total subscribers: 2.72 million

HunniBee or Naomi MacRae eats the standard items like sweets, junk food and veggies. But she also eats a lot of ‘edible’ objects like ‘edible hairbrushes’ ‘edible dice’ and ‘edible christmas trees’ which are usually made out of real food like cake, jelly and fondant.

HunniBee is currently engaged and by the looks of her Instagram she goes travelling a lot. Well it’s always easy to hop on a plane when you’re one of the ASMR YouTubers earning £500k a month.


Estimated average monthly earnings: £579, 278

Total subscribers: 2.8 million

Ssoyoung is based in South Korea and is one of the most controversial ASMR YouTubers earning a living from her videos. The vast majority are based on showing the viewers live fish before killing them on screen and then eating them.

Eat With Boki

Estimated average monthly earnings: £517,831

Total subscribers: 2.31 million

Eat with Boki started her channel just last April and already has over two million subscribers. She eats a bunch of Korean food as well as the occasional Subway and Pizza. If only I could get 500k for a footlong.


Estimated average monthly earnings: £512,198

Total Subscribers: 8.4 million

Sas is based in Canada and eats a variety of foods in her videos. She eats seafood, pasta and a lot of food with great “crunching” sounds. Sas also has a vlog YouTube channel where she shares videos of her making food or doing food taste tests like rating different Pringles. What a woman.


Estimated average monthly earnings: £175,053

Total Subscribers: 1.66 million

ASMR Phan joined YouTube in 2018 and since then has been making loads of videos eating everything from fried chicken to sweets to food platters. She also has three children who have their own Instagrams.

The twins even have food videos of them eating.

Karina Garcia

Estimated average monthly earnings: £144, 461

Total subscribers: 9.11 million

Karina was one of the slime pioneers and is now nicknamed the Queen of Slime. She’s even managed to buy a house with all the money she made from slime videos.

She earns millions every year and now she’s moved onto ASMR videos. So far Karina has only created 12 videos and most of them are about eating foods that create sticky crunchy sounds.

N.E. Let’s Eat

Estimated average monthly earnings: £114, 472

Total Subscribers: 2.93 million

N.E. Let’s Eat is a family based ASMR account. The videos they create are of the mum and her two kids eating a variety of different foods. They look like they go on a bunch of trips and now I’m wondering why my mum didn’t get me to eat food on the Internet for money.


Estimated average monthly earnings: £82,960

Total Subscribers: 2.53 million

Banzz is a 29-year-old South Korean YouTuber. He eats a lot of food in his videos and they range from 100 McDonald’s nuggets to giant strawberry marshmallows.

Last year he was fined over $4,000 for promoting his own line of products that falsely claimed to be a weight loss aid.


Estimated average monthly earnings: £81,267

Total Subscribers: 1.22 million

Linh is another ASMR YouTuber who eats a number of ‘edible’ objects and also eaten a live octopus. She sells her own merchandise including T-shirts, phone cases and tote bags which all feature a cartoon of her with octopus tentacles.

Estimated earnings provided by All subscriber numbers were correct at time of publishing. 

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