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Student sets up bizarre Hunger Games tournament for Twitter Tories

Who asked for this? Own up

You have to hand it to the Tories – they have a real knack for taking something fun and ruining it for everyone else. This week Twitter itself is on chopping block, and a Glasgow student has set up a Hunger Games for the Tories of Twitter.

18-year-old James Yucel, who studies History at the University of Glasgow, set up the Twitter account last week. The initial thread started by 'reaping' pairs of Tory Tributes to represent 13 fictional Conservative factions. Tributes include well known young Tories Emily Hewerston and Josh Smith, as well as bona-fide celebs like Piers Morgan.

James told The Tab the account was really 'just a bit of fun,' but he also believes it has a bigger purpose to help further discussions on 'the future direction of the party.'

But really what the fuck even is this? How far through the looking glass have we gone? Are the Tories actually going to kill each other?

The Tab has spoken to James to find out what is actually going on.

Although James says a lot of the details are 'under wraps at the moment,' he explained the concept to The Tab as best he could. This is everything we know so far:

The Hunger Games will take place on the 6-9 of February

"The actual games will take place on 6-9 February," James told The Tab. "It will be in the style of a Hunger Games Simulator, which you can easily google to learn more about, if you are not already aware."

He added: "Up until then, the account's purpose is to keep Tory Twitter engaged by any means possible, if it means there is a chance in hell that everyone will stop arguing with different factions."

The 'tributes' have been separated into different factions

"The basis of the account is a bit of fun really. Now that the Tories have won such a huge majority, it gives members a lot of time to discuss the future direction of the party.

"However, in recent weeks, this discussion has resorted to factionalism with everyone siding with a camp, preaching from their high horse, refusing to engage in sensible debate.

"As probably the only person not entrenched in a faction, I thought everyone needed putting down a peg or two.

"I got the idea from the secret Tory group chats that operate on the platform. I'm in many different faction group chats so I can see them bitching about the other factions."

The games are setup like the Hunger Games

James has created 13 Conservative factions including "the hacks", "Northerners", "Blukips" and "villains", which he released this morning in a thread on Twitter.

From each faction there are two representatives.

Young conservatives Emily Hewerston and Josh Smith were "reaped" as Faction 1. Whilst Piers Moran and Julia Hartley-Brewer have been 'reaped as villains.'

Some of the Tories 'reaped' were not happy about it

King's student and Brexit Party Girl Emily Hewerston tweeted the account saying: "Twitter has lost the plot.

"PS I was never a member of UKIP lol."

Some of them genuinely want to do well in this which is quite sad really

The Tab spoke to Hewerston's opposition Josh Smith, who seemed much more excited to participate in the games.

"So I first saw it and was so confused," he said. "Thought it was a wind up. Then saw the other factions and thought it was bloody brilliant.

"All I know is I have the strongest faction with Emily and we will beat the others."

Other contestants were much more excited than Hewerston appeared to be, the young Northern Tory Staffer Elena Bunbury going as far to say she "backs" her faction.

Whilst there still remains a lot of mystery to the Twitter Tory Hunger Games, it appears it is not over yet.

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