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These 21 ‘Do what you need to cope’ memes are so good you won’t be able to cope

Cancelling plans is ok, killing a man is ok

If you've seen a meme you think is about self care, only to be stunned when it mentions killing someone, taking out your glass eye or moving to Greece, you've probably seen a "Do what you need to cope" meme.

The format is essentially "Cancelling plans is okay, X is okay, X is okay" and these get progressively more and more specific until you realise it is the plot of a movie.

Maybe it's a movie you know, so you'll think "haha retweet and let all my friends know that I also saw that movie that one time!" Or it's a movie you haven't seen and then you'll think "what?". Either way, one of these is bound to amuse you. So here are the creme de la creme.

1. Gone girling your husband is okay

2. Mamma Mia is MORE than okay

3. I got that Midsommar-time, Midsommar-time sadness

4. My heart will go onnnnn

5. Wow this is meta

Beans after dark really got us good there.

6. I pledge allegiance to the band of Mr Scneebly

7. This is Hamlet, but could just as easily be The Lion King ngl

8. Oh it's an actual legit one. Refreshing!

I agree with all of those except the thought of just how pruney you would be if you stayed in the shower for three hours – but do what you need to do to cope.

9. George's Marvellous Medicine was such a wild ride

10. Okay, I might be wrong here, but I'm pretty sure this one is about Call Me By Your Name

11. Super nintendo Chalmers would not appreciate this meme format, you just know it

12. This is one for the adult emos because they need to be thrown a bone every now and then

13. B B B BRUISES (cover your arms)

The song is 3Oh!3 – Don't Trust Me and if you forgot the lyrics you need to immediately go and listen to it to remind yourself. Now.

14. It's a Fleabag reference! I get it! I get the reference! It's Fleabag!

15. If in doubt, it's Mrs Doubtfire

16. Mrs Tweedy, the chickens are revolting!

17. I have a feeling this Twitter user was Team Jacob

If this tweet shows anything it's that Twilight fans are still out there, somewhere, brooding. Also seeing the plot written down just reaffirms how truly fucked up the whole Twilight saga was.

18. I love this tweet, quite ardently

It's Pride and Prejudice, if you couldn't tell. These tweets are becoming so incredibly niche that even I am struggling to keep up.

19. It simply would not have made sense if there wasn't a 'You' version of this tweet format

As is "You" didn't have enough memes already.

20. Becoming a vessel for Paimon is ok!!! It is!!!

If you don't get it, it's about the movie Hereditary. I read all the replies to find that out so you didn't have to.

21. And now, to top it all off with the most rogue one yet