These are the degrees you need to be studying in 2020 to make yourself rich

Or marry an engineer, it’s up to you

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Let’s not lie to ourselves, everyone goes to uni for a 2:1 and a good time. But what if you actually did care about future career prospects and the opportunity to get a decent wage after graduating? Revolutionary.

Well it turns out some degrees can give you just that. Just in time for the UCAS 2020 deadline, Adzuna has revealed which qualifications have the highest earning potential. The figures are based on analysis of over 500,000 CVs, revealing average estimated salaries per qualification five years after graduating.

The top 10 UK degrees with the highest earning potential after five years of graduating are:

Technology, engineering and finance degrees dominate the 10 most valuable courses to study at uni. In the top spot is software engineering, where grads can expect wages around 37k in the first five years of graduating. This is shortly followed by a degree in computer science (34k) or finance (£33k).

The overall consensus is to study engineering or something to do with finance and you’ll do ok. Failing that, marry someone that does.

German is the most lucrative language to learn (£31k), beating French (£27k), Spanish (£26k) and Italian (£24k).

According to further Adzuna data, there are currently 16,605 available jobs in software engineering, with a further 10,901 in computer science, suggesting that not only are these areas lucrative, they also offer healthy job prospects. So there should be no waiting around, the bills won’t pay themselves.

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