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You should’ve done these weird courses instead of your boring degree

Drop out and do a puppetry degree

Imagine this very real scenario: A family friend taps your elbow at a barbecue and, knowing you're a student, asks: "Oh what do you read?"

Two thoughts pop into your head. One: Are there any bigger tossers than those who ask what you read at uni? Two: You really can't be arsed to say you study philosophy, or law, or whatever.

It's not gonna land you a grad job and it's not very interesting to talk about.

Instead, you wish you'd done one of these.

Puppetry Design & Performance

Knowing that you could complete this course, do a postgrad, and become a Master of Puppets is thrilling.

To get onto this course at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, you'll need 64 UCAS points, or CC at A level.

Dairy Herding

If you can round up 64 UCAS points, or CC at A level, the lovely people at University Centre Reaseheath will let you study Daisy Herding. Although, slightly more difficult than getting the UCAS points is knowing where Reaseheath is.

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You can dress like this but please don't shoot the cows

Surf Science & Technology

Look. If you've got 48 UCAS points, or DD at A level, and fancy doing this course at the University of Plymouth, you'll need to repeat the following jokes for the whole time:

1) Wave hello to your new friends

2) I'm getting waved with my coursemates.

3) I sure hope I don't get surf-bored of this degree.

Those should last you the whole time. You're welcome.

Wine Production

With your 104 UCAS points, or BCC at A level, you – yes, YOU – could be studying Wine Production at Plumpton College.

*Extremely yer da voice*: Makes a difference from the usual 'Wine Consumption' degrees, eh?

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Your friends will still drink Echo Falls because they're not idiots

Brewing & Distilling

You'll need 112 UCAS points, or BBC at A level to get onto this course at Heriot-Watt.

To be honest, I was just going to do the same joke as the one before. I don't need to write it. Just think it. There you go.

Baking Science and Technology

For only 64 UCAS points, or DEE at A level, London South Bank University will let you spend three years studying Baking Science and Technology.

So you'd technically be a STEM grad, but actually likeable.

Equine Behaviour

Are you a horse girl? Who cares. If you have 112 UCAS points, or BBC at A level, you can study Equine Behaviour at Nottingham Trent.

Then when someone asks if you're "just horsing around!!" you can say: "No, that's not how a horse would actually act. I've studied horses and they don't really do degrees," and kill the entire mood.

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Applied Golf Management Studies

Myerscough College (near Preston) is offering a course in Applied Golf Management Studies for the low, low price of 48 UCAS points, or CD at A Level.

Excitingly, the existence of the applied degree implies the existence of a Theoretical Golf Management Studies course.

Professional Floristry and Floral Design

48 UCAS points, or CD at A level will get you into Myerscough College for a degree in Professional Floristry and Floral Design.

But what will you do with it? Be really aggy and send nice flowers to all your friends studying English.

Ethical Hacking

Surely if you were that good at hacking you could find a way to get yourself more UCAS points. Anyway, for just 104 of the fuckers, Abertay (It's in Dundee) will teach you to hack. But ethically. As in, don't hack them.

Ok so these degrees seem weird. However, Alex Dyer, founder of Tutor House, a tutoring company, reckons these weird degrees aren't a total waste of money. "Some may result in more job prospects than others, but what’s important is that students have the option to study something they’re passionate about, even if that’s puppets!

"Some may say these courses are ridiculous and not worth the money, but I think it’s down to the individual to make that judgement, because if you study brewing and distillery and go on to create your own beer company, then that’s definitely not a waste."

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