The kids from Outnumbered are all grown up! This is what they’re up to now

Okay Jake hasn’t changed a bit

Outnumbered may have ended in 2016, but really everybody stopped watching when Jake, Ben and Karen started growing up. When primary school Ben stopped playing with power tools, and Karen stopped asking dumb but cute questions, the magic was over.

And the magic is about to be even more over because the Outnumbered kids are actual grown ups now, studying at university and no longer putting objects up their noses or holding funerals for mice in the garden.

This is what Outnumbered kids Tyger Drew-Honey, Daniel Roche and Ramona Marquez look like now:

Jake, played by Tyger Drew-Honey

Jake, played by Tyger Drew-Honey, has barely changed at all. The 24-year-old is still acting, and has appeared in other films, TV series and theatre productions since Outnumbered.

Tyger Drew-Honey has 50,000 Instagram followers, and regularly posts pics of him and his Outnumbered cast members, his dogs and stage productions.

He doesn’t drink alcohol anymore, and is now big into spirituality.

Ben, played by Daniel Roche

Daniel Roche has changed a lot since playing Ben from Outnumbered. He’s lost his curly mop and is now absolutely stacked.

Danny is currently a student at King’s College London. He’s got 43,000 Instagram followers, and posts pics of him having a large one around London.

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Doomer 🌑

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Danny plays rugby for King’s College London. He also used to play for the Wasps.

The 20-year-old King’s student is regularly spotted at festivals in the summer. Never forget when he was filmed chanting “ketamine” at Boomtown.

Karen, played by Ramona Marquez

Being the youngest, Karen has had the biggest transformation out of the three. She’s lost her blonde curls, and now has brown hair and a fringe.

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My drunk self loves mirror selfies what can I say

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Ramona started as a fresher at the University of Manchester last year. She studies Spanish and Mandarin, and has been spotted around Manchester bars and clubs.

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The qqwween of bathroom selfies

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Ramona has over 114k followers on Instagram. She’s got tattoos, is vegan, and looks like a whole lotta fun to be around.

She often posts pics of the three Outnumbered kids together, cute!

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Ya fav trio

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