These 19 Marriage Story memes will take you on another emotional rollercoaster

And you thought the film alone was deep

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Noah Baumbach’s Golden Globe nominated film Marriage Story has hit Netflix. It tells the story of a husband and wife who are going through a divorce. Things turn messy, the settlements get dirty and the cracks in the relationship really start to show. But, they try and resolve their differences for the sake of their son. However, love and sentiments aside, The Marriage Story memes are really something.

The film stars Scarlett Johansson as Nicole and Adam Driver as Charlie – the couple going through the divorce. You watch them go from amicable, to viciously fighting but they always show signs that despite it all, their love for each other and their son is still there. It’s an emotional rollercoaster for the viewer as well as the characters. You think Charlie’s a dick, then hate Nicole for taking Max away a bit but Charlie is really controlling??!!

By the end of the film it’s difficult to know what to think. It’s no surprise that all we can come together with is Marriage Story memes. From recreating to *that* argument scene, to agreeing we’re all emotional wrecks – here are some of the best:

1. The content we need

2. This cut DEEP

3. Same Henry, same

4. Louder ? for ? the ? people ? at ? the ? back

5. Now THIS is powerful


7. This is turbulent

8. It really is

9. Fomo really sucks x

10. This was a moment

11. I felt like I was THERE

12. Why am I like this?????

13. Side note but THIS

14. They forgot 4. Looking to feel emotional for the rest of your life

15. YES

16. I’m getting emotional again

17. I’m broken in THREE

18. Just you wait x

19. Relatable

Marriage Story is available to stream on Netflix now. 

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