This is how old The Politician cast are in real life

Payton is 26 going on 18

The Politician is Netflix's best new show. Hot people, crazy fights and election fever make this your next binge watch. But one thing is definitely for sure: no-one in this show is actually 18.

So next time you feel bad about yourself and your cringe sixth form selfies, remember that at least you didn't lie about your age. Here are The Politician cast ages in real life, compared to their ages in the show.

Ben Platt – plays Payton Hobart

the politician cast ages

Via Netflix, 'The Politician'

Ben's age in real life: 26

Payton's age in The Politician: 18

Ben Platt sort of looks his age. He's the hot young thing of musical movies and was born in LA on September 24th 1993.

Zoey Deutch – plays Infinity Jackson

the politician cast ages

Via Instagram, @zoeydeutch

Zoey's age in real life: 24

Infinity's age in The Politician: 18

Like Ben Platt, Zoey was also born in LA on November 10th 1994, making her six years older than her character.

Lucy Boynton – plays Astrid Sloan

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Lucy's age in real life: 25

Astrid's age in The Politician: 18

Despite playing a ruthless American high-school princess, Lucy actually went to school in Dulwich. She was born in New York on the 17th January 1994.

David Corenswet – plays River Barkley

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David's age in real life: 26

River's age in The Politician: 18

David Corenswet is the best thing to happen to Instagram in a long time. David was born in Philadelphia sometime in 1993. Mysterious.

Julia Schlaepfer – plays Alice Charles

the politician cast ages

Via Instagram, @juliaschlaepfer

Julia's age in real life: 24

Alice's age in The Politician: 18

Julia is new on the scene and not much is known about her birthday. She is currently living the highlife in NYC and enjoying every moment of pretending to be 18 on TV.

Laura Dreyfuss – plays McAfee Westbrook

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Laura's age in real life: 31

McAfee's age in The Politician: 18

Laura sweeps in with the biggest age difference of the bunch with a whopping 13 years between her actual age and her character's. She was born on August 22, 1988 in New Jersey, USA.

Theo Germaine – plays James Sullivan

the politician cast ages

Via Instagram, @theogermaine

Theo's age in real life: ??

James' age in The Politician: 18

Theo's age is a mystery, but the actor talks about attending college and how it prepared them for the role. So we can assume they're definitely 22 and up. Another big mystery.

Rahne Jones – plays Skye Leighton

the politician cast ages

Via Instagram, @rahne_jones

Rahne's age in real life: 32

Skye's age in The Politician: 18

Another breakout star, there is not loads of information available about Skye. However, they were definitely born in the USA and seem to be involved in the probable sequel to the show.

Benjamin Barrett – plays Ricardo

the politician cast ages

Via Instagram, @benabarrett

Benjamin's age in real life: ??

Ricardo's age in The Politician: ??

Benjamin is as mysterious as his character. Like Ricardo, there is no clear information about when or where Benjamin was born. Like Theo, he's a real breakout star and no doubt the Wikipedia entry will be ready very soon.

Trevor Mahlon Eason – plays Martin Hobart and Trey Eason – plays Luther Hobart

the politician cast ages

Trevor and Trey's age in real life: Mid-20s

Martin and Luther's age in The Politician: 21

Another mystery, the internet has revealed that the twins on the show are in their mid-20s. How mid? It's impossible to tell.

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