These 27 Jacob Rees-Mogg memes are the only interesting thing about Brexit

The only politics I have time for

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In some lighter Brexit news, Jacob Rees-Mogg memes are now a thing after he was caught slouching in a three-hour late-night debate on Brexit.

We get it, Brexit is boring. The process is tiresome and can anyone really be bothered for a snap election? It's gotten so bad that even MPs are slouching and falling asleep in Parliament. It looks like everything is falling down around us. Making memes out of it is the only positivity we have left to cling to.

Whilst Jacob Rees-Mogg was chilling out, everyone was shouting at him to "sit up man" and he just didn't care one bit.

Jacob Rees-Mogg's "The Slump" is now being called one of the "power poses of 2019". Jacob Rees-Mogg memes have started a movement and there's no sign of it slowing down.

Here are all the best Jacob Rees-Mogg memes of him slumped out in Parliament. You're welcome.

1. I really tried

via Instagram @thetab_

2. Nailed it

3. Act natural x

4. This is so disturbing

5. Loooool

6. Is this from Love Island????

7. I mean… ok


9. A masterpiece

10. Look at him go x

11. Looks bad for the rest of the season

12. Just Jacob Rees-Mogg watching the late night drama unfold

13. Sleep tight sweet prince x

14. I would watch this cameo tbh

15. This is quite peak lol

16. He does make that sofa look real comfy

17. Omg this is the best one yet STOP

18. A smooth criminal x

19. Draw me like one of your French girls x

20. Part two

21. He makes a good fairytale princess

22. I KNEW his slouch represented something


24. Imagine walking into your uni room and seeing this

25. Everyone is coming for him looool

26. If he comes with it that's a good price imo

27. You're welcome

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