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These 31 Bake Off memes are so tasty they’d get you Star Baker

What’s a fig roll?

Last night on the Great British Bake Off was the return of "biscuit week". Our screens were filled with quality baking content – impressive 3D sculptures, Paul's fig roll challenge and the nation's champion leaving the baking tent for good.

In the episode Helena was left one fig roll down in the technical challenge whilst Alice won star baker overall. Jamie's guitar bake received some harsh critique from Prue which left him the second to leave the Bake Off tent.

A new episode means one thing, another dose of classic Great British Bake Off memes. Here are the funniest 31 memes from episode two:

1. Crunch time

2. We know Alice x

3. Pls stop

4. So much drama

5. Okay David

6. Leave him be

7. Creative masterpiece

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8. Relatable tbf

9. We REALLY hate to see it

10. Winging it

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11. Whoops

12. CHALDISH that is

13. An impossible task

14. Oh My Christ Mick

15. Star baker material?

16. How insane was that chicken?

17. Biscuit's a biscuit

18. More Bake Off memes pls x

19. A true vibe

20. Truth lol

21. Never forget!

22. An optimistic treasure

23. Not the eggs AGAIN

24. Unite the nation

25. Woooooo

26. Best of both?

27. Loving YOUR organ

28. Iconic

29. Fake it till you make it x

30. Bisc-shit

31. A sinking ship tbh

See you next week Bake Off.

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