Did you turn down an offer from Oxbridge? We want to hear from you

Honestly, nothing but respect

Did you turn down an offer from Oxbridge because you'd rather go to a "normal" uni? We want to hear from you.

It sounds like a surprising choice, but people are doing it. Anna Arkless got A*A*A in her A -levels this summer and turned down Cambridge in favour of Bristol, saying the majority of her life would've been academic "rather than a nice mix of work and play."

After a visit to the university, Anna decided it was "very intense", and not the right fit for her, she told the Bristol Post.

With continued coverage of social issues and diversity at Oxbridge, it's becoming clear that the prestige is often not enough to draw people in.

We want to tell these stories and find out why people are choosing to forgo Oxbridge in favour of other unis.

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