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Sliding into DMs, free socks and dogs: All the things unis are doing to fill places

What am I supposed to do with these socks?

Yesterday was A Level results day, widely acknowledged as the most stressful day of the year. But don't worry – these unis are doing everything they can to make it entertaining.

In years gone by, we've seen unis making cringe videos, using Tinder, and enlisting Premier League footballers in a bid to draw in potential freshers.

But this year, they've outdone themselves. From putting socks on robots to offering scholarships specifically for Clearing students, these unis are making a name for themselves and we love it.

Aberdeen are uploading sock videos

Aberdeen Uni appear to be sending out socks to their prospective students and are asking them to upload videos of them trying on the socks. Bit weird.

They even got the University of Glasgow robot involved.

Roehampton are also offering clearing scholarships

That's right, a scholarship being given to you purely because it was your final resort. No, but for real, it's for having v good grades. For those with grades of AAB or above, they can apply for a scholarship worth up to £3,000.

E-sports scholarships are available for those who show their ability in the field and will have to display their commitment to esports during their degree. This scholarship is the first of its kind for a UK uni and is worth £1,500 a year.

Sports scholarships are another option and are worth up to £1,500 per year. Also included in the scholarship is travel and entry costs for competitions, access to the on site gym and sports massage therapy and also lifestyle support. In return, the students must represent the uni at sporting events such as BUCS.

London Met have the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice- Chancellor working on their Clearing hotline

Imagine calling up London Met crying after getting your results and going into clearing and the Vice-Chancellor answers. You would honestly think you were dreaming.

Salford are redefining clearing

Salford have released a video on redefining Clearing. The last few years, they have used a Tinder style app for Clearing, a complete change to other unis methods. Salford told The Tab they wanted to ensure that "no student felt there was any stigma attached to applying through clearing."

The video itself involves students giving their views on alternative names for Clearing. I think "Second Chances" is my favourite.

Liverpool have a cute dog manning the clearing desks

Liverpool you have my vote. Can't go wrong with a dog pic, more please.

Sheffield Hallam are loving social media

Sheffield Hallam are using social media to their advantage. They've got their student ambassadors on Instagram and Snapchat answering questions from prospective students.

University of South Wales have three incentives

USW have it all going on. They offer guaranteed accommodation to students coming through clearing which is a huge bonus as many unis don't.

They also offer a relocation bursary if you move more than 50 miles to come to your campus.

If that wasn't enough, they also have some hilarious jumping videos going about that also involve coloured powder? Can someone check on USW please.

Cardiff's sabbatical officers have posted some odd videos

There must be something in the water in Wales because Cardiff Uni's sabbatical officers are also posting some bizarre videos. The President of the SU has tweeted a video of her bouncing on a space hopper and the Postgrad Sabbatical officer has tweeted a video of him dancing in some funky glasses.

Cardiff have also released some interesting videos which shows students who have gone through Clearing describing the process. Accepting, quick and more human. Nice.

Westminster are offering clearing scholarships

Westminster are offering £4500 either as a tuition fee discount over the three years or as cash in the January of each year. I'll take the cash, please.

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must have achieved a grade higher in A levels or a point higher in IB than the published entry requirements. They must also complete a phone or Skype interview.

Aberdeen are checking books out of the lib to show how quickly you can secure a place

Aberdeen are claiming it takes just 60 seconds for the clearing team to make a decision. To show you how quick that is, they have posted a video of them taking a book out of the library in the same tine. Personally, I don't think I could do it that quickly but hey you get the point.

Reading have put their Clearing number in the paper

Reading have taken over a page in the paper with their clearing number, in very small font. A direct approach. And also kinda funny?

Leicester are giving out offers over Messenger

Classic. Social media at its best. Slide on over into their DMs and get yourself an offer.

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