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Ariana Grande stan tweeted from her ACTUAL FRIDGE after mum took away electronic devices

This story is so wild, strap in

An Ariana Grande fan account went viral after tweeting from her family’s “smart fridge” after her mum grounded her and confiscated all of her electronic devices.

User @thankunext327, who goes by the name Dorothy on Twitter and is followed by nearly 30,000 people, initially tweeted that her phone got confiscated. She wrote: "I'm leaving forever. My mom took my phone. I'll miss you all so much. I'm crying. Goodbye. #ACNL"

This tweet was sent from her Nintendo 3DS, but she was found out again by her mum, who composed the next tweet for her. It read: "I seen that Dorothy has been using Twitter on her Nintendo. This account will be shut down now."

But Dorothy didn't give up. She then turned to her WiiU and wrote a message on Minecraft, took a screenshot and then sent it to her followers.

The next day she tweeted another update from her WiiU device, saying she was going to look for her phone. Dorothy wrote: "Hey guys omg. My mum is at work so I'm looking for my phone. Wish me luck. Love you. #Mii #MiiMaker #WiiU"

Dorothy's tweets went so viral that Twitter decided to step in support by tweeting #FreeDorothy.

But sadly, her mum took all of her electronic devices, including the WiiU. So naturally, Dorothy did the logical thing and tweeted from her family's LG Smart Fridge."I do not know if this is going to tweet I am talking to my friend what the heck my Mom confiscated all of my electronics again."

Why did Dorothy get grounded and is she still grounded?

NYMag got in contact with Dorothy, who spoke to the magazine through her cousin's old iPod because she's still grounded. She told the magazine she didn't have a charger for it and the battery was running out. But she tried to explain the story as best as she could.

Basically, her mum took away her phone after Dorothy was meant to watch boiling rice. But she was too busy watching YouTube on her phone and the stove burst into flames. So her mum grounded her and took away her phone.

Then Dorothy tweeted from the DS but her mum got even angrier. Dorothy said: “She was mad I went behind her back after she took my phone and she then threatened to delete my twitter but she didn’t know how." Dorothy then tweeted from the WiiU, but her mum took that away too and then in desperation tweeted from the fridge.

Her mum found out and is so angry she's now trying to get someone to come and remove the fridge. Asked why her mum wouldn’t just take the fridge off the network, Dorothy said, “My mum isn’t good with tech lol.”

Her mother apparently thought deleting apps would delete the entire account as well.

Is this story even real?

It could all be fake of course. There is a way to tweak Twitter's metadata to make it look like tweets were sent from random devices. But LG did confirm their refrigerators have social media capabilities, and the tweet source confirms it was sent from the device.

Dorothy told NYMag: "I wish it was a joke."

Her latest tweet reads: "I don't know how I got this much support thank you so much to my supporters and @twitter this is crazy I would be lost without you and given up. I'm trying to get my things back fast so I can thank you properly!"


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