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The 34 best memes about the nightmarish Cats movie trailer

Why do they look so WEIRD

Yesterday the trailer for the new Cats movie was released and honestly, it is one of the most fucked up things ever conceived. But, it did inspire some of the best Twitter memes you could ask for.

The movie, based on the Broadway musical of the same name, has an all star cast including Taylor Swift, Judi Dench, James Corden, Idris Elba and Jason Derulo. It does feel a little bit like they just picked a load of names out of a box with "famous people" written on it.

The new Cats movie apparently employs a brand new form of CGI which "isn't CGI" but just "makes you look like a cat" according to Andrew Lloyd Webber, creator of the original Cats musical. Whatever new form of CGI this is, I am scared of it.

But Twitter is revelling in the weirdness. This has produced some of the best memes since everyone decided to storm Area 51 to "see them aliens" last week.

You can watch the trailer at your own peril, but then soothe yourself with 34 of the best memes about the absolute hellscape that is this film, below:

1. You know it's bad when Dril gets involved

2. Those cats are unnatural and Jeff knows it

3. The resemblance is uncanny

4. What Cats Do In The Shadows (2014)

5. It's Always Catty in Philadelphia

6. The Government are behind it

7. Mixed feelings

8. It's basically just a Snapchat filter, let's be honest

9. The cat that lives in 10 Downing Street also weighed in

10. This movie is gonna smash the BOX office

11. Those cats do give off very strong Mr G vibes from Summer Heights High tbh

12. James Corden in cat form is a cursed image

13. The Cats animators don't give a shit

14. They do look a bit like this tbh

15. Comedy channel Dave had a lot to say, for some reason

16. Not sure if this is more or less distressing than the trailer

17. Shane Dawson really is never going to live that cat thing down

18. Live action Lightning McQueen would be terrifying

19. Cat memes with Cats themes

21. Why are they making us see these things

22. Everyone next Halloween after Cats turns out to be a massive success

23. Sexy cats are genderless and that's that

24. Asking the real questions

25. Someone called the feline welfare police

26. These pictures transcend words

27. Can't wait for Kendrick Lamar to soundtrack Cats (2019)

28. They just don't want to know

29. Oh shit it got better

30. Don't compare yourself to me!!!

31. Same energy

32. Upsettingly accurate

33. It's all a big hoax!

34. I leave you with this simple, salient fact

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