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ASOS is now giving you 45 DAYS to return unwanted clothes!!!


Gone are the days of having piles of unwanted clothes in the corner of your room because you're lazy and missed the returns deadline.

ASOS have just announced that they're going to give us 45 days to send back the stuff we don't want to keep. This replaces the old 28 day limit.

They're spoiling us with way over six weeks to drag ourselves to the post office, so now we really have no excuses to be too deep in the overdraft.

They told customers about the change via email over the weekend and people were naturally pretty buzzing about it. Some even went as far as to share their happiness on Twitter.

The only catch is, if you do leave it more than 28 days you'll be refunded in the form of an ASOS gift voucher rather than cash. Which could be a bit dangerous but it's better than losing out all together.

It won't be too much of a big deal for the ASOS addicts out there who would've spent it all again there anyway.

This is ASOS's newest change and comes after the introduction of same day delivery and being able to pay after you buy!

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