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ASOS now has a line specifically for girls with big boobs!!!



Having big boobs but a proportionally smaller waist sounds like the Hollywood dream, but the reality is, you never find clothes that will properly fit.

But ASOS have finally created a solution to this world-wide problem. They've started making clothes which will actually fit bigger boobs! It's like a Christmas miracle.

The range is called ASOS Design Fuller Bust, and it includes clothes specifically designed to fit bra sizes DD-G.

The designs are supportive, there's plenty of material to go round without making you feel like you're going to pop and bra straps can be hidden easily underneath.

And women around the country are rejoicing:

Though some people are unimpressed with ASOS, because they could have used models with a fuller bust.

ASOS always seems to be one step ahead of the game when it comes to progressive fashion. Their Curve range is always praised and earlier this year, they designed an entire range of clothes for wheelchair users.

Seriously, ASOS is the gift that keeps on giving.

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