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Hot dads are taking over Twitter in the latest viral meme, here’s why

‘So Twitter, meet my dad’

Another day, another viral meme that seems to have come from nowhere and nobody understands. We've had the Rihanna birthday meme, the Florida man birthday meme, My Yé is different to your Yé and who could forget when they did surgery on a grape? But this time, it's time for the hot dads of Twitter to come forward as today we introduce the "Twitter meet my dad" meme. Yep, we're going there.

Here is everything about the "Twitter meet my dad" meme, where it started and the best examples.

What is the 'Twitter meet my dad' meme?

You may have seen on Twitter people posting photos captioned with: "My dad is however old, pursuing a modelling career, and I’ve never seen him happier. He told me he’s just waiting for a chance to blow up. So, Twitter, meet my dad." Then they attach a few photos of their "dad" (not always, most of the time it's a celebrity) and the tweet goes huge. It's odd, but we're here for it.

Where did the 'Twitter meet my dad' meme start?

The origin of this viral meme is very cute. It all started when someone's son genuinely tried to give his aspiring model dad a break through Twitter.

That son is Collin Hayslett, and his dad, Clint Hayslett is a very hot dad.

Twitter user @coolcat_collin attached four shots of his very hot dad, and the tweet now has over 80,000 retweets. He's since claimed on Twitter that himself and his dad are having requests for interviews and tv appearances after becoming a viral meme. So it's safe to say, if his dad really did want a chance to blow up – he's had it.

However, in a SHOCK confession, it turns out the original post was all an April Fool's prank. This hasn't stopped the Twitter bandwagon of copy-cat memes, all going viral.

Here are the best and funniest examples of the 'Twitter meet my dad' meme:

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They've also spread to become Twitter meet my mum, sister and son. They just don't stop.

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