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My Yé is different to your Yé, the viral meme explained

Dripping in sauce, the drip-dripping so saucy

You might have seen the "My Ye is different to your Ye" video meme everywhere this week and not understood what it means. Is it about Kanye West? Is it a song? What's going on? Why is everyone on Twitter referencing this catchy meme?

But don't worry, because I have traced the history and meaning of this week's very niche, viral Twitter meme.

What does My Ye is different to your Ye mean?

To put it simply "My Ye is different to your Ye" roughly translates to "Me and you are not on the same level." Or you can explain it as "I have a different vibe to yours."

Where did the My Ye is different to your Ye meme originate?

The backing track to the meme is Burna Boy's 2018 song "Ye". Apparently the original Burna Boy song has reached international fame because Kanye West's latest album, which dropped recently, so happens to also be called "Ye."

A British musician, Osh This Side, sang over the song with "My yè is different to your yè. Dripping in sauce, the drip-dripping so saucy." He posted it on Twitter and this is the full video:

Since posting it, it has gone viral and the catchy song inspired a full on Twitter trend and very funny memes about superiority.

Osh is being called "songwriter of the yet" for his use of metaphors for life. Dotty from BBC 1Extra thinks “My Ye is different to your Ye” means "We may be in the same lane but we are not on the same level."

She even invited Osh This Side to perform the song live on radio.

These are just some of the funniest memes incorporating the original My Ye is different to your Ye video:

Girls without period pains to girls with period pains

Twitter users to all other social media

Jesus feeding the 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish

After adding "furthermore" "moreover" and "equally worthy of notice" to my essay

When Peter asked Jesus how he's walking on water

Am I the only one who finds this song very addictive?

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