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I asked 100 boys how many dates girls should wait before having sex

Apparently, three is the magic number…to avoid being called ‘easy’

So you're single, horny af and everyone else seems to have a date on Tinder, Bumble or, holy fuck, someone they actually met in person. But how many dates do you have to suffer through with fuckboy number 183 before you finally get the endgame?

Recently a story was published in The Guardian where a woman recounted being called a "slut" by her boyfriend because she slept with him after three dates. Understandably, everyone lost their shit about it.

Obviously, girls can bang whenever and whoever they want – with full consent from all parties of course. But there are some men among us right now – our friends, our colleagues, our Tinder matches – who still, in, 2018 think there is a "socially acceptable" rule for when girls can have sex when they're dating someone. These rules, of course, don't apply to them.

I decided to do some research. I spent about four hours messaging asking nearly 100 guys, from close friends to my Tinder matches, "what date do you think it's acceptable to have sex on?"

A lot of guys at the start tried to tell me they'd be cool with anything, but once I'd pushed them a little the truth started to come out.

What follows are the most shocking and laughable responses I received. Hold on tight ladies, you're about to blow your entire student loan on a funeral for your sex drive.

Apparently, three is the magic number… to avoid being called 'easy'

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If you thought that was ridiculous, have you ever met a guy who would wait EIGHT to TEN DATES?

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A "little off", I think you're more like three to seven dates out babe.

Apparently the rule of three is only a thing cos it worked one time for one guy, seriously

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But worry not, some have given up on dating all together

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Apparently interrogating a Tinder boy on whether he's a fuckboy or not is a serious turn on.

But don't forget, sex on the first date still means you're easy and, undoubtedly 'desperate'

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These guys want 'the chase' before banging you, because apparently the male race is still stuck in medieval times

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Let's get this straight, guys can sleep with over a hundred girls. However, if a girl shags you on the first or second date you "bin her off" because "how many other guys has she done it with?"

Well, we all know how many girls you've done it with honey.

Just in case your definition of 'slag' needs validating

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But if a guy shags a hundred girls, he's a fucking legend.

Society must be degenerating because now we're back to no sex before marriage

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Next we'll be getting arrested for adultery and chastity belts will be the next #trend at London Fashion Week.

Oh wait, some guys don't subscribe to those 'labels' because they're progressive and sexually inclusive

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Jokes, they do use that label. They just don't enjoy being placed within the "fuckboy" category themselves.

Seriously, just cut the bullshit lads and give it to me straight

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Possibly the most relatable thing I've ever read.

Then there's the guy that makes a joke, but accidentally reveals the truth of the male mind

Then again, maybe I should just stop asking questions I don't like the answers to

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I'm done.

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