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I don’t mean to panic you but thin eyebrows are making a comeback


Just like Dream Matte Mouse or UGGs, over-plucked, thin eyebrows are a trend buried in the 2000’s and memorialised to serve as a reminder to future generations of our fashion crimes’ past.

But it seems like thin eyebrows are about to make a comeback from the dead and no, this isn’t a sick joke!!!

Rihanna’s cover of British Vogue’s September Issue shows her sporting pencil thin eyebrows. So yeah, I don’t mean to alarm you but this is a pretty big deal in the fashion community and it means there’s a high chance they’re making a comeback.

And seeing as every other nostalgic noughties trend has come back recently, the news of the thin eyebrows making a return is about to send shockwaves of horror down every girl’s WhatsApp group.

Why are thin eyebrows an actual tragedy for everyone?

Let me just explain how disastrous these news are. For a decade, women were plucking their eyebrows to make them look thin and perfect. It was a balancing act of getting them Paris Hilton thin to look “trendy” but also desperately trying to avoid the danger-zone of sperm eyebrows.

Then Cara Delevingne came along and made the whole “bushy” thing happen. Fine. So we spent years trying to grow them back, found out we couldn’t reverse the years of damage and bought loads of Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow products to make them as thick as possible.

thin eyebrows

And now you’re telling us that was all for nothing?? That we might as well just shave them off and draw them on with a ballpoint pen???

So what the hell is everyone going to do?

I don’t mean to sound dramatic but people across the world should unite and stand against this fashion atrocity. We must resist.

They’re not wrong when they say only a fool makes the same mistake twice. So please, let’s not make fools of ourselves because none of us are Rihanna.

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