I have a lot of questions for these leggings that double up as boots

Firstly how dare you


Marilyn Monroe once famously said: "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." Clearly (and thankfully) she died before she could see these impractical, Nasty Gal Legging Heels – the latest fashion innovation no one asked for.

In the ideal world, paying £60 for the 'Pull The Plug' legging heels would be considered as a bargain, seeing as you're buying shoes as well as the bottom half of your outfit.

Yet this is the reality – most people's feet hurt after 20 minutes of trying to not fall over in any form of heels, so why the hell would you want to permanently attach them to your entire outfit?

If only I could meet the person responsible for the existence of these legging heels. Just to ask a few questions, for a peace of mind (and also to check if they're okay):

– Firstly, how dare you?

– How and why did this get idea get from the point of conception, all the way to being approved, produced in a factory, sold in shops and appearing in front of my very own eyes?

– What do you do when you've had a tiring day and just want to take off your shoes, but you're not at home and taking off your shoes would mean taking off your trousers as well?

– They look sweaty. What do you do if you get sweaty?

– What if a heel breaks and you have to take the whole thing off but don't have trousers? Are you meant to cut the shoes off?

– You can't wear leggings as trousers anymore so wyd? I though we buried this trend in 2009, and buried it deep to make sure it doesn't come back again?

– Or are you meant to wear a skirt with the leggings?

– Who are the people that asked for legging heels?

– What kind of event do you wear these to?

– Who are the people that will use their money to buy them?

– Can we track them down?

– Are people really so lazy, they don't want to put on trousers in the morning, as well as shoes?

– What if someone has a no-shoe policy at their house? Are you meant to just get everything off?

– Is this the beginning of the end?