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Love Island Gossip Column: Adam’s cringe Insta post about Zara and Margot Robbie talks about Megan

The very petty drama continues

Welcome back to The Tab's daily Love Island gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web today.

The awkward love triangle continues as Rosie goes on a date with Zara's footballer ex

Rosie has been pictured with Zara's ex, Tottenham Hotspur footballer Harry Winks, who Zara split up with last year after they were together for six months. Rosie and Harry were spotted outside a fancy hotel in London last weekend. Hmmm. ?

But Zara probably doesn't care because Adam told her he loves her

That's right, after knowing one another for about a week, Adam told the entire world he was in love with Zara on Love Island Aftersun and he's already met her parents.

How long until he has to delete this Insta?

Zara reveals she didn't have on-screen sex with Adam because she was worried about losing her job

Zara works for the government and has even helped write speeches for David Cameron in the past.

She told the Sun on Sunday: “It was tough when I was in bed with a man I really liked and cared about. But I was nervous about my job if I had sex on screen. There is a strict code of conduct you have to follow, so I was very conscious about everything I said and did. My job holds a bit of clout and I’ve done some pretty amazing things, so it’s not something I wanted to jeopardise.”

It's a good thing she didn't because our investigation revealed she might be going back to her job pretty soon.

Eyal's band EverYoung performed at someone's school in 2008 and they got booed off stage

According to a lucky fan, Eyal's old band EverYoung performed at her school as an end of year "treat" performance. There were even pre-signed autographs given out and everything. But the set went on for so long that the crowd started booing. Here is a picture of EverYoung on their around the country school tour:

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New Alex changed his mind on Megan and said he'd never go there again

He may have said he'll be waiting for her on the outside in the cab home from the villa, but Alex completely went back on his word after seeing the footage of her and Wes conspiring to get back together. During last night's Love Island Aftersun, Alex said he wouldn't contact her again. Clearly the rose-tinted glasses have come off.

Megan's dad did take time off work but it's not because he's humiliated by his daughter

Kevin Barton Hanson has denied claims he took time off work because he's embarrassed of his daughter's behaviour on Love Island. A family friend told the Daily Star he "injured his hand playing football" and will be going back to work today.

This video of new Jack dancing proves he's the fittest guy in the villa

He's fit, his voice is fit, he knows his self worth and now he can dance?! What can't this guy do?

Darylle thinks Samira and Frankie are faking it to stay in the villa

The dumped islander revealed on Lorraine that she thinks some people are "coasting" in the villa. When asked who she was referring to by the presenter, she said: "I did think Jack and Laura but they've parted ways now. Maybe Frankie and Samira."

While some ex-islanders do club appearances in places like Kensington, Dean ended up giving out his number to admirers in quaint little Clitheroe this weekend

Dean Overson, the one Megan pied off for Alex before she pied Alex off for Wes, was spotted in a small village town bar last weekend. According to someone who saw him there, he was surrounded by a "gaggle of girls" as his mates were chanting "Deano! Deano!" Naturally he gave his number to a few of them.

Margot Robbie thinks she looks nothing like Megan from Love Island, awks

Turns out Margot Robbie is a massive Love Island fan and when she was watching it a few weeks ago, she couldn't believe the cast knew who she was. But when asked if she thinks her and Megan look alike, Margot told the Metro: "I personally don’t see the resemblance." Looool, that's cold.

If you enjoyed the boys doing impressions last night, Josh's Instagram has an entire sketch he did a few years ago as Barry the Northerner

It's honestly one of the funniest things you will see.

Josh as Barry

More of Josh's impressions before Love Island:

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