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Who is Grace? No really, who is she? Because she must be saved from Alex’s sweaty clutches

Love Island’s new girl once cut Joanna Lumley’s hair, which is a fun fact minus all the fun

Who is Grace? No seriously, who is Grace? This is the question on millions of Love Island viewers' lips after she became Alex's first pick after some squad rotation which saw Charlie put on "the sub's bench".

In one of the most genuinely bizarre scenes of the series so far, we were treated to what seemed like a weird hairdresser roleplay/ASMR double act between Alex and Grace, but other than that we know very little about her.

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Well, YOU know very little about her. I know a lot about her through an almighty Instagram stalk, information I'm more than willing to share with you here.

She's 25, from Crystal Palace and she owns a hairdressers

Her most famous client was Joanna Lumley, though she didn't actually cut Lumley's hair – she only brushed it so it only half counts tbh.

Naturally, she's had a lot of different hairstyles

She enjoys switching up her own hairdo, such as this time she went full "Mother of Dragons/Brixton rooftop partygoer" with this fresh white lid.

She doesn't understand how selfies work

This photo poses so many questions. For starters, in the hand that's holding her phone there are clearly five fingers showing, so she can't have taken the photo with her phone.

Instead she's got someone to take that photo of her and then held up her phone to make it look like a selfie. But why? Why would anyone do this? Either that or she's done it on a timer. But that's equally strange.

She's very #DEEP

If there's one thing you need to know about Grace, or as Alex calls her for no apparent reason – "Gracie" – it's that she bloody loves an inspirational or deep quote to slather up on the internet for all her fans to see her.

I present to you the very best in the selection of quotes, messages and thoughts that Grace felt a compulsive need to share with the world. Move over Alex, Grace needs to leave the villa and scour North London for Eyal.

What does it mean? The room for multiple interpretations is the true power of poetry.

Nice to show a more political side here, supporting radical Civil Rights activist Malcolm X.

Orenda is a word belonging to the Native American tribe the Iroquois. There are no elephants in America.

Her type on paper sounds a lot like Alex

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Holding hands. Or as Alex calls it, "Third base"

Grace makes no secret of the fact that she's in the villa looking for love – a serious relationship instead of just a fling. She's apparently into old-school wooing efforts – "Manners and gentleman touches like pulling your chair out at dinner and holding the doors open."

As for her ideal first date? "I like to be active and do things, but at the same time it’s nice to chill over a nice dinner, with good wine, and have a nice chat where you get to know them."

She says her biggest turn off is an alpha male – "a guy that tries to belittle other guys. In a boy’s group, you always get the good looking, arrogant ones." If she doesn't want a good looking, arrogant boy she's probably on the wrong show tbh.

So mild-mannered, weirdly polite and not the alpha of the group? Alex sounds right up her street.

She's actually probably the most normal person in the villa

Her Instagram shows a driven businesswoman, someone at ease with themselves and their perfectly coiffured hair. Someone who gets motivated by vague inspirational quotes and Tumblr poetry.

In other words she seems like a real person? One of the rest of us maybe? But is there room for a "real person" on Love Island? Particularly when paired with the robotic Alex whose programming has presumably gone awry in the last few days.

Will Grace/Gracie stay right to the end of the series? Who knows. What we do know is that she will absolutely go straight on Insta to post a banging inspirational quote about how much she learned from her time in the villa. And we will be enlightened.

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