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Which Love Island girl would you couple up with? Take this really good quiz and find out

Gutted if you get Hayley


There are only two questions every single Love Island viewer is asking themselves.

Sure, we've asked you whether you can tell Eyal's deepest mumblings from actual philosophers, who your choice of meal deal means you should pair up with, and whether you have unusual Love Island opinions. But neither of those are truly the pressing questions on your mind.

The first is a little difficult to answer: If you were stuck in a prison cell with just one of the men, who possesses the pointiest, sturdiest nipples to cut through the bars with?

The second, in a stunning turn of fate, is far simpler to solve through a quiz: Which Love Island girl would you couple up with?

Spill your secrets and find out. Will you end up with Hayley, or are you destined for Essex life with Dani?