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Under no circumstances should any self-respecting girl wear these clothes this summer

Crop tops are off limits

Scientifically in the summer it's hotter than the other months of the year. If in the sun, or maybe working in an office or on the tube, your body temp rises making you sweaty and a little bit uncomfortable. Naturally to solve this, women wear clothes which are as unrestrictive as possible, showing as much skin as possible to keep nice and cool, preventing a SULA or permanent flush.

But for SOME people, this entirely warranted act of keeping cool and getting your legs out is totally unwarranted. Women are constantly being criticised and harassed for showing too much skin, being told to cover up and to "have some respect".

We're all different shapes and sizes, but apparently according to the law of summer as told by judgmental dickheads, curvy girls shouldn't wear skirts, girls with big boobs don't suit crop tops, and if you have a big bum you should find shorts which cover it.

Well you know what? Fuck them. What you choose to wear this summer is up to you, and there’s nothing you shouldn’t be allowed wear. So instead of telling you what not to wear, here’s what you can definitely wear instead:

1. High waisted shorts which show off your bum which you've probably been squatting all winter for

2. Bikinis as a replacement for a top

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3. Bandeaus

4. Crop tops which show a lot of stomach

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5. Short skirts exposing a lot of your legs

6. Crotchet trousers or anything crotchet

7. Glitter boobs

8. Low back bodies

9. Tops which give you an underboob

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10. Swimwear out in public

11. A clown costume

12. A top hat

13. A wetsuit

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14. Wellies

15. A poncho

16. Wear whatever the fuck you want this summer