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Art students are officially the most sleep deprived at university

Those discussions about Post-Modernism do keep you up at night tbf

Everyone loves complaining about how little sleep they get when exam season strikes. We get it, you're stressed and you left everything to the last minute.

But have you ever wondered who actually gets the least sleep at uni? Is it Econ students constantly hovering around a whiteboard in the library, wondering how they're going to remember all those formulas? Or is it Art students who spend most of their time talking about their art, rather than actually making it?

Well, we finally have an answer because a few weeks ago we asked you to take part in The Tab’s Stress and Sleep Survey 2018 and over 4,000 of you responded.

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It turns out Art students get the least sleep at university. An average Art student gets 5.912 hours of sleep. All those drugs do keep you awake for longer.

In second place were Architecture students. They get just a fraction more sleep, with 5.978 hours as their average. Turns out complaining about your degree all the time results in less sleep, who would have known?

I didn't even realise people studied Music as a real subject, but they do and apparently it's really sleep-depriving. Music students came in third place, getting 6.242 hours of sleep on average per night.

History and PPE students came in fourth and fifth both averaging with 6.4 hours a night. Debating about Brexit in Facebook groups does keep you up at night.

Agriculture students get the most sleep with over 7.875 hours a night, which is surprising because you'd think they'd be up early milking cows, but maybe they’re so hungover from their legendary initiations, they opt to sleep in instead.

Here are the results in full:

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